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"How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change, inside to survive? Who do you have to become? I’m sorry. I don’t expect you guys to understand. You don’t know me. I’m sorry but that’s true. You don’t know who I am anymore, and you can’t count on me."

*disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the show itself or ABC Family*
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I don't think I can get over how adorable Janel is. The fact that she is always, ALWAYS excited and cheering on the other couples is amazing. When she started crying it was so endearing because she seemed floored by their scores.

I know! I love her! I’m so surprised there are so many people who have negative things to say about her. It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone cry almost immediately after getting a perfect score - I don’t know why people can still call her ‘fake’. God forbid there’s a confident woman on the show, lol

Comes the Halloween-Special on the internet? Like burning-series or something?

It’s airing on ABC Family but I’m certain it will be able to be found on the internet somewhere. As always I’ll be scouting out live-streams and finding links you can watch after it’s aired =]


Well, they definitely wouldn’t be identical twins. They might look somewhat similar but they aren’t identical! But I could see one of them having a twin ;)

So me and my twin sister are going to make a pretty little liars themed party for our birthday. Do you have any ideas what we could do?(Sorry for my bad english) Thanks and we love your blog*.*

Ugh I’m sorry, I’m honestly so bad at this kind of stuff! I’d make cupcakes and put -A on all of them and do things like that. 

It’d be super super helpful if people would reblog this and add ideas on! Please? :)

*hugs you real tight* would you please send this to the first ten people on your dash to keep it going? make someone’s day with a hug!

<3 I’m going to send this to everybody! Please accept my virtual hug, especially if you really really need it today <3

I’ll reply to the rest of my messages in the morning. Sorry I’ve been sucking lately. I’ve been in a mood. Love you guys though. <3

hey do you know why pretty little liars has stopped?? (btw i live your account)

Thank you, love <3 

I do know why! It’s simply how ABC Family shows work. A season is generally separated into two - a winter season and a summer season. The first 12 episodes start (for PLL, it starts in the summer), and then the last 12 episodes will begin airing during the winter season (often January - March). 

There’s a fan special October 21st (read more here), and then there will be a special Christmas episode in December (no date as of yet). 

After that, the show will resume the rest of Season 5 in January :)

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