"How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change, inside to survive? Who do you have to become? I’m sorry. I don’t expect you guys to understand. You don’t know me. I’m sorry but that’s true. You don’t know who I am anymore, and you can’t count on me."

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omg what did you think of the latest episode????

I cried. I’m actually so heartbroken. I have a list of five most hurtful deaths and this one is up there. Honestly. I kind of figured it’d be who it was but I wasn’t prepared. I couldn’t have prepared. It’s probably #4 on my “saddest deaths” list, only behind The Reichenbach Fall, Tara from Buffy and Finn Hudson.

Toby has a pretty serious crime on his record... Would they really have let him join the police force? (This occurred to me during the episode haha) I mean, WE know he was innocent, but the police don't....

I guess it depends… if he got it expunged, I think it’d be okay. Though, I don’t know if a crime that serious can be expunged? And I think he went to the police academy in another town. Not that that really matters. But that’s a really good question. I wonder if the writers have an explanation for that or if they were banking on the fact that we wouldn’t think of it which just seems sloppy because we’re all crazy and obsessed and think of everything. I might have to tweet some crew-members about it lol because that’s going to bother me now ^_^

Toby looked like a 12 year old in a costume. I really dislike this cop story line. It was so damn corny "put your hands up spence" "I've been a bad girl" wow Marlene really? Corny/10

Hahaha each to his or her own, I suppose! I don’t mind the cop storyline (I feel like it’s going to set up a Toby/A storyline again) and I think Keegan looked lovely in his uniform but I do agree the role-playing was a little over the top. But for me, it was no worse than the cake eating scene between Ezra and Aria last season. Unfortunately, there will always be gratuitous fan-service scenes like that. 

Though, I will say, as over the top as it was, I think it was simply meant to highlight the actual sweetness of that scene where they’re normally kind of sarcastic and playful but Spencer got super serious and I said it when it happened, it sounded like goodbye and I think that’s what they wanted, they wanted us to be really concerned about the fate of one or both of them. So it did serve a purpose, albeit a small purpose and a purpose that could have been demonstrated a number of different ways :P

Are they making Holbrook creepy??? Why is he leaving Tanner out of it...

asjfa;khosajfklae I DON’T KNOW BUT I’M VERY UPSET ABOUT IT. 
Everybody knows Holbrook is my love. EVERYBODY KNOWS. I was so happy to have a decent cop in town and a real genuine guy and what do they do? They blow it all to pieces because the writers HATE HAPPINESS


Theme Makers!

Hello, loves! This is completely off topic but I have so many talented individuals who follow me, I wanted to ask on this blog instead of my primary/Sherlock blog (longlivexxxx/sherlockxxxx)

Do I have any theme makers out there? The Sherlock fandom has a new blog thankyoubbcsherlock (run by makeyourdeduction) dedicated to sharing appreciation and love for the cast/crew after their incredible haul at the Emmys, and it’s in need of a new theme based around this graphic [x]! If you’re part of the fandom, or just want to help (or know someone who can help), please make your way over there! 

thoughts on paige/paily in the new ep?

A big ‘meh’ to Paily - sorry I’ve just never liked them as a couple. BUT a big a thumbs up to Paige! I’ve been a vehement disliker of Paige from Season 1 until the beginning of Season 5 but she’s actually grown a lot on me this season! Of course, I’m basically rooting for anybody who stands up to Alison. And when I say rooting for, I mean literally when I watch someone stand up to Alison, I pump my fist in the air because I’m so proud of whatever character that is lol so. Yeah. Liking Paige this entire season tbh but I could do with or without the Paily. 

Hey can you put a link for your 'Melissa is a/black widow' theory please xx

Hi, love! You can find my Black Widow theory here

I got to admit I'm starting to like paige

I know what you mean. I’ve not been a fan of her from the very beginning and last season I was so pissed with her betraying Emily’s trust, but this season… I don’t know. Something about her. I wonder if it’s been that since Alison is back, it changes her character, almost? I don’t know. Even though I never liked Paige, she was always really relatable to me because I was bullied until the day I was out of high school, but it almost just feels really different with Ali being back, knowing Paige has to be around the person who made her feel so bad all the time. I think it’d be rad if Paige was the one who brought Alison down lol. I still don’t ship Paily but… I’m glad I’m changing my tune about Paige.

I'm sorry I still can't get over that scene between spencer & toby when they were basically talking dirty to each other I mean I get they are teenagers & what they were doing was completely inappropriate but truthfully all I could think when I was watching that scene was DAME TOBY HOT COP ALERT!!!!

No but like I just have this vision of all the fanfic writers out there like OH MY GOD IT’S HAPPENING EVERYBODY IT’S HAPPENING GET READY. Like I know there are certain things on other shows I watch where if a specific something happened, the fic writers would go absolutely bonkers and I think this was probably a huge thing for Spoby fic writers. 

I really want someone to make a cover for it. Like an erotic romance book cover where the woman is all swooning and the man is carrying her but in reality it’s Toby and Spencer because that was literally how that scene was going to end up. 

(And I agree, it was a littttttle inappropriate. My first thought was “Uh these teenagers are role playing and doing better than most adults? Nope that’s a bit not good but it’s okay, it didn’t last too long!)

Even if your not a fan of tobys character I think we can all admit that the actor who plays toby(keegan allen)was looking good in that cop outfit GO KEEGAN!!!

:) I think that’s the general consensus! He does pull it off pretty damn well. Like I’m trying to think of Caleb or Ezra as a cop and I just…it’s not..it’s not pretty. I’ll be curious how much we get to see of him in his uniform with his broken leg and whatnot…