"How do you keep going when the worst thing has happened? What do you have to change, inside to survive? Who do you have to become? I’m sorry. I don’t expect you guys to understand. You don’t know me. I’m sorry but that’s true. You don’t know who I am anymore, and you can’t count on me."

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I hope Pam Fields is A.

Oh goodness, that would be a riot! I’d be so disheartened by that but I’d be super intrigued to see how that could play out :P I think Pam is too kind-hearted though ;)

Who do you think killed Mona? What's your theory?

I don’t have a theory, really. I just simply think Alison is involved in some way. Whether directly or indirectly. I think she either killed Mona, or she knows damn well who did and if she knows who did, I would bet it’s because she put them up to it. I don’t trust Alison, I never have, and I never shall. For me, Alison is the villain of this story, no one else!

pouting because there’s no PLL on tonight and because Mona is still dead.

pouting because there’s no PLL on tonight and because Mona is still dead.

So I'm sitting here in class reading the posts about Mike and Mona, and I'm having to constantly wipe my eyes so nobody notices me crying..

Is it your first day back? Oh god did we ruin your first day? 
*hugs* canyoukeepa3ecret look what we’ve done

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Yesss! That’s the worst part!! We’ll be sobbing heaps on the floor!

At least we can be messes together. I don’t know I’ve met someone else so emotionally invested in Mike and Mona O_O

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I know but I HAD to you know? How could I not? But everything still hurts

the worst part is that obviously me and you are going to be in hysterics once we actually see mike’s reaction. like. we’re both going to have these ridiculously sad playlists and i’ll probably make some damn video that will reduce me to a heap of tears. 

Everyone is always like "Ali had a smug look on her face she mustve killed mona" im over here like Alis facial expression is bad bitch all the time *eyeroll*

I’m giggling right now. Seriously. It’s so true. I’m a victim to that, but mostly because it was so appalling that she’d look so cold-hearted but you’re absolutely right. She has that look 95% of the time. Hell, she had that same look when she thought she was one-upping Emily earlier!